Collection: The Travelers' Feast

We're delighted to continue the Travelers' Feast! A romantic picnic for two with all the trimmings, ready to go when you are! Read on to see what is offered for the 2021 season!

We received great feedback from many guests who enjoyed their picnics and we have implemented the following changes based on what customers suggested: smaller insulated coolers with shoulder straps (for easier carrying), the option of soup or salad instead of both, shareable appetizers (also saving on space), and later pick up times for evening picnics at camp.

This season's Travelers' Feast offerings, the price has decreased as well as the amount of beverages offered per person. This year; our kitchen will be operating The King's Feast®, The Travelers' Feast, and bar menu items. Because of this, we will offer a genuine two person picnic with shareable options such as the appetizer, bottles of wine/mead/sangria, and the optional items to choose soup or salad. 

Picnic hampers can be scheduled for pickup every quarter hour between 11:30 AM - 5:30 PM each festival day. It is recommended to book in advance as baskets are limited each day. Limited seating options are available upon request and covered areas available on days with inclement weather. 

Valid ID will be required if exchanging Travelers' Pounds for any alcoholic beverages. Only one [1] bottle of Wine/Mead/Sangria can be exchanged for Travelers' Pounds per basket, one single bottle equals four servings. Alternatively, you can choose a two drink per person option for individual drinks. Additional beverages can be purchased separately at any Merchant Prince pub.

Note: After completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to make your food and drink preference selections known!


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